Music Discussion 3 Paragraphs Easy

Music is often referred to as a “universal” language. I would like to briefly explore this statement by examining three distinctly different vocal pieces from three different stylistic periods, in three different languages. Please look these up on Spotify and listen to all three. Unless you are fluent in Polish and German it is unlikely you will understand the first two; however that is the idea. Interpret these pieces on the music alone. What do you suspect they might be about? In what way does the music influence your emotions?

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Refer to all three pieces separately. Submit this as a discussion.

Listen to: Szymanowska, Pieśni kurpiowskie, “Locioły zórazie”
Listen to: Brahms, Lieder, Op. 47, No. 3 “Sonntag
Listen to: Purcell, Indian Queen, “I Attempt from Love’s Sickness”