Museum Education and Use of Collections in Interpretation

You will be exploring a virtual museum exhibit, since we are unable to visit museums in person at this time.

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Look over the resources in this link:

Assignment: On your own, do some research online and find a virtual museum/exhibit tour (preferably from a natural history museum). There are many to choose from worldwide – please do not select one that another student has posted on. Go through the virtual tour. Write up a reflection of the exhibit/tour (2-paragraph minimum) and post it to the discussion board. Your reflection can be a summary or a critique of it. What are some benefits and disadvantages to online virtual tours and exhibits? How can the public learn more about a museum’s collection through a virtual exhibit?

(Be sure to post the link to the virtual exhibit you selected in your discussion board post!)

I will be sharing some examples os students so you can see their layouts! Its not hard and it wont take long you will see off there examples!