Multiple Choice Questions about Poetry

1. How does the free verse in the poem “Summer Rain” affect the tone?

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A.It allows for the use of repetition that creates an angry tone.

B.It allows for the use of sound devices that create a fearful tone.

C.It allows for use of the most vivid words to create an excited tone.

D.It allows for the use of words that have no rhymes to create a natural tone.

E.It allows for the use of pauses that give the poem an anticipatory tone.

2.Which of the following structural elements best supports the interpretation that the rain is a powerful force in the narrator’s life in “Summer Rain”?

A. The trochees and the iambic pentameter

B. The uneven meter in the lines and enjambment

C. The onomatopoeia and the couplet

D. The alternating rhyme and the meter

E. The dactyls and the half rhymes

3.What is the meter in the poem “imagery”?




D.blank verse

E. Iambic pentameter

4.What do the poems have in common?

A.Both develop an appreciative tone toward their subject.

B.Both highlight a sense of fear toward their subject.

C.Both use couplets to create a light and happy tone.

D.Both use descriptive language to convey a detached voice.

E.Both use descriptive language to create a sense of longing.

5.Which element of syntax appears throughout both poems?





E.parallel structure