multicultural theories/concepts + identify APA ethical code by identifying the specific standard


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What does it mean to practice multiculturalism and be culturally competent in today’s world? (½ to ¾ of a page)

In addition, identify 3 multicultural theories/ concepts that relate to psychology that you believe are important to answer the above question.Thoroughly explain each theory and provide a real world example with each theory (½ to ¾ of a page each example)


Respond to 2 following ethical cases.For each case:

Decide identify what aspect of the APA ethical code is being addressed by identifying the specific standard.

Decide if there has been or could be an ethical violation.Back up your argument by citing the APA ethics code.Be specific.

If the case is unresolved, comment on how you would proceed.Back up your plan by citing the APA ethics code.Be specific.

Each response should be within approximately ½ a page.

1.After termination of 9 years of psychotherapy, Mattie Stringalong, Ph.D., suggested that she and Lenny Endure “keep in touch.”They exchanged intimate cards and letters, spoke on the phone almost every week, and occasionally met for lunch.After 20 months, Dr. Stringalong informed Endure that their relationship could become intimate soon if he were interested.They eventually married.Endure asked for a divorce.

2.Andrw Rigor, Ed.D., was frequently asked to assess “special needs children” in his role as a psychologist for the South Suburbia school system.When the special education budget began to show signs of strain, Dr. Rigor was instructed by his superintendent to administer shorter evaluations, produce briefer reports, and refrain from recommending additional services or evaluations for the children he assessed.The superintendent explained that these steps were needed to keep costs in line.

3.George Cops, Psy.D., is a special consultant to the Center City Police Department.He is available on retainer to provide therapeutic intervention to police officers under pressure from job-related stress and especially to assist officers with their feelings after they have been involved in shootings in which a suspect is killed.A new police chief has been appointed and asks Dr. Cops to provide comments for the personnel files of the officers he has consulted.

4.Slimy Grubber, Ph.D., was approached by an attorney representing Eben Fired in an employment discrimination case against Large Multinational Corporation (LMC).LMC is alleging that Mr. Fired had serious personality problems that compromised his work and led to his termination.The attorney believes Mr. Fired’s assertion that he was inappropriately fired from his job at LMC for discriminatory reasons and tells Dr. Grubber that there is a good chance of winning triple punitive damages to yield a financial award of $1.5 million or more.Mr. Fired’s attorney would like Dr. Grubber to evaluate his client with an eye toward rebutting LMC’s assertions.Unfortunately, Fired is unemployed and has no money to pay for evaluation services.The attorney offers Dr. Grubber 2% of the ultimate financial settlement in exchange for his services.