Mulan (1998) Film Response

Please write a 3 page (minimum) response using the following format. Please make sure to include these subheadings. Also make sure your response is at least 3 pages long. Even if it is just shy of two pages, you will be penalized points.

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  • Summarize the movie
  • In this paper, you will argue whether or not this movie breaks gender roles or reinforces them – summarize your argument here.

Gender Roles – Men

  • What were some of the gender roles that were reinforced (for men) in this movie? Give specific examples
  • What were some gender roles that were broken or changed? (if any)
  • The movie has a theme of treating honor as capital, meaning that how much reverence you receive is commensurate to your honor – do you think this holds true in our society?
  • Argument & Conclusion
    • Present your brief argument – did this movie reinforce more than break/change gender roles? Why or why not?
    • What did you think of the movie? As entertainment and as a teaching tool for the class.