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1. Moral and ethical requirements should serve as drivers which encourage a business to invest in orspend money on cybersecurity products, services, and programs.

You have been invited to participate in a “lightening round” panel on the above topic at a conference on Best Practices for IT Security Management. For this activity you must prepare a 3 to 5 paragraph briefing statement which answers the following questions. Use information from the weekly readings and Case Study #1.

  1. What is stakeholder theory? How does it drive requirements to spend money on cybersecurity products & services?
  2. How does social contract theory apply to purchasing requirements for cybersecurity products & services?
  3. Name and briefly describe 3 ethics issues that IT Security managers and staff may encounter when selecting and evaluating cybersecurity products & services. (Use examples to drive home your points.)

Provide in-text citations and references for 3 or more authoritative sources. Put the reference list at the end of your posting.

2. Case Study #1: Why should businesses invest in cybersecurity?

Case Scenario:

A client company has asked your cybersecurity
consulting firm to provide it with a 2 to 3 page white paper which discusses
the business need for investments in
cybersecurity. The purpose of this white paper is to “fill in the gaps” in a business case that was already prepared
by the company’s Chief Information Officer. The target audience for your paper
is the company’s C-suite executives. These executives will be meeting later
this month to discuss budget requests from department heads. The company has
requested that your white paper use the same investment categories as are
already in use for the CIO’s business case: people, processes, and


Read / Review the Week 1 readings.

2.  Find
three or more additional sources which provide information about best practice
recommendations for cybersecurity and other reasons why businesses should
invest in people, processes, and technologies related to cybersecurity. These
additional sources can include analyst reports (e.g. Gartner, Forrester,
Price-Waterhouse, Booz-Allen) and/or news stories about recent attacks /
threats, data breaches, cybercrime, cyber terrorism, etc.


Write a two to three page
summary of your research. At a minimum, your summary must include the

1.  An
introduction or overview of cybersecurity
which provides definitions and addresses the business need for
cybersecurity. This introduction should be suitable for an executive audience.

2.  A
separate section which addresses ethical considerations which drive the business need for investments in

A review of best practices and recommendations which
can be added to the existing business
to provide justification for cybersecurity-focused investments in the
three investment categories identified by the company: people, processes, and

Your white
paper should use standard terms and definitions for cybersecurity. See Course
Content > Cybersecurity Concepts Review for recommended resources.

me: Case Study #1 Rubric

Overall Score