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Story 1 People and credit cards.

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Credit cards have a significant influence on the world today,But everyone’s views on credit cards are different. But everyone’s opinions on credit cards are different. In this story, I interviewed some different people to see what kind of connection they had with the card.

The first person I interviewed was a student at Troy University. His name is Billy. He has a credit card that his parents handle for him. He said: “I need a credit card to set up my credit line, and credit cards are also very convenient.” He often uses cards to consume small things, such as refueling and buying clothes. His credit card is the parent repays for him. He suggested using a credit card to buy what we needed.

The second person I interviewed was Connor, a student at Troy University. He does not have a credit card. He uses cash or a savings card. He said: “My parents have credit cards, but I don’t think I need to establish credit now. After two years and then I’m ready to apply for a credit card.”

The third person I interviewed was Juantavius. He has a job, but he does not have a credit card. He said: “I usually use more cash, I do not need a credit card. I think no credit card does not matter.” He believes that using a credit card is dangerous because he cannot control his spending.

The fourth person I interviewed was an international student. She’s name is Soyoung. She came from South Korea. She had a credit card, and her parents handled it for her in South Korea. She said: “I think I must have a credit card because it is more convenient to spend in the United States. The credit card can directly convert the Korean won into a US dollar without waiting.” She uses credit cards to shop, eat, rent a house, and pay tuition. Her life can not be separated from credit cards. Her parents will repay her debt.

The fifth person I interviewed was an employee of Troy University. Her name is Kelly. She has a credit card, and she does not use it often. Her credit card is to build credit. She said: “I use credit cards to buy some big things, so my pressure will be smaller. And I will also use a credit card in an emergency. I will repay my bill every month. I will not give my child a credit card because it is not safe. When they go to college, they can apply for their credit card.” She believes that you should never use credit cards indiscriminately. This can make your life very bad. People with credit cards should be smarter.

Story 2 Bank and credit card

A bank is a place we are very familiar with and an indispensable institution in our lives. There are many banking businesses, and we are most familiar with stored-value cards and credit cards. What is the link between the bank and the credit card? I interviewed some people who worked in banks.

The first person worked in the region’s bank. His name is Li. He owns ten credit cards, and he mainly uses a credit card in his life. He thinks credit cards are convenient and fast. He said: “It is straightforward to apply for a credit card in their bank and will not require work or education. Banks can also earn more profits through credit cards. You need to pay for a credit card, such as management fees. Sometimes buying something with a credit card will have a discount. As long as you pay back the money you borrow within the “grace period” of 25-30 days, you don’t have to pay extra. If you don’t pay it back in that period, you’ll have to pay interest – a percentage of the money you owe the bank – on top of what you borrowed.”

The second person worked in Xinjiang Bank. His name is Yu. He said that his bank encourages the use of credit cards. They will have dedicated employees to sell their credit cards because it can bring more profits to the bank. He said: “Our banks have some requirements for handling credit cards. They must be under the age of 60, have a stable job, and must not have criminal records.” He believes that handling credit cards is still very convenient because sometimes banks work with merchants so that customers can use credit cards to enjoy discounts. It is suitable for banks, businesses, and guests.

The third person works at the Bank of China. Her name is Maggie. She only has a credit card for emergency use. In their banks, credit cards are also an essential means of profit. She said: “Credit cards are very convenient and fast, but some people can’t make repayments as scheduled. This will affect personal creditworthiness. When you cannot repay on time, the bank will deduct more interest from you.” She believes that if you use a credit card, you must be smart and pay back on time. Maintain good reputation.