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Name: Linda SiqueirosProfessor: Barbara Schiffler

Course ENGL 1301

Date :24OCT18

Twin Sister From Another Mother

There are many coincidences of life; however, it is not every day you meet your twin from another mother. I have been fortunate to meet a person born on the same day and year I was born. The shocking thing of this “twin” is that we met through social media. This friend of mine her name is Millie. We met on twitter while I was randomly following a site and travel account that showed exotic destinations to visit while on holiday. I happened to comment on the post. The comment was replied to by Millie. At the time I did not know her. Somehow, we kept replying to each other comments. Before long, we started engaging in long conversations during the day and night. It was during these conversations that Millie and I realized we were born on the same day and in the same year.

As kids, Millie and I used to live in the same area code but did not know each other. This gave me goosebumps. What are the odds of meeting someone who has so much in common with you that she is close to being your “twin”. Though we do not look like each other, I consider her my twin since we both were born on the same day. If you were to look at the chats we have had you would think we have known each other for ages. Sometimes is difficult to communicate with each other due to our current locations, sometimes its day for me and it could be nighttime for millie. I can’t recall of a time that If I needed to vent to Millie at a random time, she wouldn’t answer. I can honestly say that Millie is one of the most reliable individuals I’ve met in this world and I dearly love her for providing me the emotional support I’ve needed to overcome some problems.

Some of the things I like about her include her kindness, compassion, intellect, and sense of humour. Millie, is involved in various community-related activities in church and in mentoring programs in her area. Maria is not a simple lady; she has done a lot for her community where she is involved in mentoring young girls. Sometimes I consider her as a walking encyclopedia. Her vast knowledge is enormous. The kind of person who you can go to for advice about life, relationships and any hardships one is facing. If a day passes without talking to her it feels odd. In life, many people seek a person they can share with about experiences of life. Millie is that person in my life. Her intelligence is wide and she is the sort of person who you can talk with for ages.

Millie amazes me with her way of thinking which has also impacted my decisions about life. She is also an encourager, where she has encouraged me about life, I’ve became more of positive person towards life. Since me and Millie were born on the same day and year we have been making preparations to meet this coming year and celebrate our birthdays, we still haven’t decided on the location. Due to our different jobs and home locations we haven’t decided on anything. We both grew up in Los Angeles, California same area code odd thing is we never met. We didn’t go to the same schools, maybe this is another reason why we never cross paths with each other until about a year ago. Once I graduated high school I relocated homes and got a job away from California, Millie went to a college in Nevada and made it her home until this day she currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Almost, a year later since my holiday trip and, Millie has kept in contact with me despite or long distance and time difference. Ever since Millie cam into my life, I’ve changed the person who I used to be and want to become. I always try my best to stay positive and calm. If I ever encounter a problem and I know I can always pick up the phone and call Millie, because I know she would be for me. Millie is my true friend, sister, my twin from a different mother she will always have a special place in my heart. Furthermore , I’m looking forward to celebrating my birthday with Millie this up coming year our 30th birthday.