MKTG 330 500-800 words

For this assignment, perform secondary research to uncover at least 3 items of secondary data that will be relevant to at least 1 or more of your research questions. Be sure to include the following:

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  • These data can be statistical or narrative; they can be projected, current, or historical.
  • They should be listed along with the specific source from which those data originated, using proper APA citation format.
  • Accompanying each item of data should be a brief, 1-paragraph explanation of the relevance of the data statement to the research questions that you developed in Phase 1 for Acme Wholesaling, Inc.
  • Provide an introductory paragraph that restates the research questions that you designed in Phase 1. Make any revisions that you see fit, taking into account instructor feedback from Phase 1.

Note: I will include week one assignment so you can follow up. please make sure to do all the rqueriments, thank you.