Mission, Goals, Objectives and Work Plan

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Strategic Planning Workbook.Winchell.pdf Summarize Chapter 3. Highlight key points of most interest or impact to you. 

Complete the exercises at the end of the chapter and discuss how this involves personal change for you. Later in class we will develop Mission, Goals, and Objectives as community participation excercises and for management of our projects. Your personal goal setting is important. Go to the Franklin Covey website for calendars and time management support and see the whole industry that has evolved out of Covey’s personal management materials.

http://www.franklincovey.com/tc/ (Links to an external site.)

And the famous Franklin Covey Planner (No need to purchase)

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The textbook includes a schedule page similar to the Franklin Covey Planner. Make a photo copy of this page. Create a schedule for the coming week based on the Chapter 3 guidelines, and try it out. Summarize your experiences using this detailed schedule.