mgt problems

1. students should locate a recent news article (no more than six months old please) that is relevant to the subjects/concepts introduced in that module/chapter and prepare a short analysis/summary of the news article. The analysis/summary should be posted onto your blog site on Canvas before the due date. Each blog entry should consist of a link to the article you have found and your analysis as to why and how it is related to the topic introduced in that module (one paragraph with 150-200 words). Please do not use sources such as news paper columns, commentaries, blogs, case studies, white papers, research reports and the like as your chosen news articles. According to Merriam-Webster, news is a report of recent events.

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2. Read the attached case “Strategy Implementation at Dell Computer” and answer the following questions. You are encouraged to comment on others’ answers.

a. What organizational structures has Dell Computer used since its inception? What seemed to drive all these changes in the firm’s organizational structure?

b. How does the firm use organizational structures, organizational controls and culture to support its low-cost strategy?

3. Read the attached case “Ford’s CEO Designs a New Global Structure” and answer the following questions. You are encouraged to comment on others’ answers.

a. Which worldwide structure did Ford use initially? What problems did the structure have?

b. How did the CEO restructure Ford? What is the rationale for the changes?

4. You may still remember the exercise “Alaska Gold Mine” in Module 1. Revisit the first part of the exercise then read the second part of the exercise (attached) and answer the following questions.

a. What was your choice? Explain the rationale.

b. How are you going to implement the plan? Please try to be specific and detailed.