MGT Excel Project

please solve the problems(data or table grapht), also need to write explanation of them.

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The first tab in the Excel file contains the data and the second one contains the description of each of the variables.

  1. Student readiness analysis (200 words)
    1. The data set contains 10 measurements of student readiness for college in columns B-K. The description of each one of them is available in the file.
    2. In order to analyze this data, you need to create additional columns and recode the data, making low a 1, moderate, a 2, and High a 3 (you can use an IF function to do this). In this format, the highest the number, the more prepared the student is.
    3. Once the data is recoded, prepare a table in ascending order of the average for each of these 10 measurements.
  2. A correlation analysis. (300 words)
    1. Pick the 10 measurements of students readiness and create a correlation matrix (you need to use the data analysis tools from Excel to do this, you may need to install it).
    2. Assume that a correlation greater than 0.45 is significant and use Conditional Formatting to highlight those correlations greater than 0.45.
    3. Provide a potential logical explanation why those correlations are significant.