memorandum on 2 baltimore jail guards

Read the article 2 Baltimore Jail Guards Face Charges of Misconduct. The head of the agency has asked you as a new person in a leadership position to outline a strategy to improve the moral and ethical decision-making of the agency’s employees. In the form of a memorandum, address the issue in the Baltimore jails and outline a strategy for improvement.

This assignment will help you analyze a situation from a leadership perspective and develop a strategy to help address this issue. This will help you prepare for the recommendations you need to develop for your selected case study.

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Prompt: Include the following critical elements in your memorandum:

Issue: Identify the issue occurring in the article. ï‚·

Improvement Need: Explain why this issue needs improvement. ï‚·

Community Impact: Explain how this issue could potentially impact the community. ï‚·

Cultural Impact: Explain how this issue impacts the culture of the organization. ï‚·

Improvement Strategy: Outline a strategy for improving the moral and ethical decision-making of the agency’s employees.  Support your work with scholarly evidence from the text or outside sources.