memo to the county


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I need a one page report to UPPER CASCADIA COUNTY 

I’m the Juvenile services manger 

A one-page, single-spaced, cover memo to the county
commissionerspresenting your
department request for FY5.  Include a
total department request dollar figure in the opening paragraph and explain any
department percentage change from the FY4 Adopted level.  At the line-item, detailed level, also
explain your blanket percentage rate adjustment, and explain how and why you
adjusted permanent wages and salaries, temporary salaries, PERS payments, and
employee medical benefits line-items.  Explain the rationale behind your request
relative to the department’s mission.

Explain the requested levels for service contracts and for
professional services.  Recognize
spending for continuing contracts, and explain any contract closures or new

Clearly explain and justify any requests for capital

Use professional and fictitious license to support the
arguments in your memo. 

Please find the excel sheet on the attachment 

The pink Shadowed is where I’m working on