memo project 1

Part 1

Explanation of the Internal Proposal

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An internal proposal is a formal document that an employee writes and submits to supervisors or managers, suggesting a way to correct a problem in the company or improve performance/productivity.

The internal proposal uses a problem-solution-evidence pattern of organization:

  1. The writer first identifies a problem or need faced by the company.
  1. The writer next proposes a solution to the problem.
  1. The writer then presents several pieces of evidence in support of the proposed solution.The evidence usually falls into categories of
    • equipment to be purchased or leased
    • workspace and facilities to be built, remodeled, renovated, leased
    • staff to be hired, retrained, or let go, and consultants to be used
    • schedules and timelines of significant dates for the project
    • budgets and costs of the project, including return on investment

Steps #1 and #2 are usually handled in the introduction to the proposal.Step #3, the presentation of evidence, is the longest part, taking up most of the space in the proposal.


As a formal document, your internal proposal will have the following sections:

  • title page
  • “cover” memo
  • table of contents
  • executive summary
  • text of the proposal – with an introduction, discussion and conclusion (around 1200 words)
  • works cited page, if you’ve used secondary research.

Use the aardvark proposal as a model for the format of this proposal.

Memo I attached the template below

October 10, 2018

To:Doug Gray

From: Your name

Subject: Internal proposal planning

My tentative plan for the internal proposal is to recommend an upgrade in computer hardware and software for an automobile insurance company.

Fox Den Auto Insurance faces a problem of losing customers because their computer system is old and therefore extremely slow in processing customer claims. Our competitors can process a claim in less than 12 hours, while we require two business days. An upgrade in hardware and software will make our data entry staff much more efficient. I will also recommend the creation of a centralized data entry hub.

My proposal will involve the purchase of hardware and software, physical modifications of company facilities, the hiring and retraining of personnel, a timeline and a budget.