math homework help 13

(5 points) Choose a population and a quantitative variable which is

approximately normally distributed within this population. Clearly

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state your choices in a few sentences.

2. (20 points) Justify why your variable is normally distributed within its

population in a few sentences.

3. (15 points) Guess a value for the population standard deviation σ.

Justify your guess in a few sentences.

4. (20 points) Collect a simple random sample of 20−30 individuals from

your population. Give a detailed description of your sampling method

and justify why it is a simple random sampling method in one to two


5. (30 points) Compute z-confidence intervals using your sample data,

guess of σ, and confidence levels of 90%, 95%, and 99%. Your work

should include the value of Ì„x, your z


-value for each confidence level,

and the actual intervals themselves.

6. (10 points) Explain what these three confidence intervals together tell

you about the value of the population mean μ. Justify your answer in

one to two paragraphs.