Marxism week 6


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Option 1: Based on the relevant lectures and assigned reading, why aren’t more people socialists in the United States (or around the world)?


Option 2: What are ways that people deal with the alienation they experience under capitalism? What are the broader political, social, economic, and cultural functions of these palliative or anesthetic practices? Draw on the relevant lectures and assigned reading, but you many ALSO, in addition to engaging with the course material, discuss your personal experiences (if you are comfortable. Remember, the posts become visible to everyone in the class, so DO NOT share anything you are not comfortable with the class knowing–but do feel free to share whatever you’d like in connection with this question).

You may also come up with your own question or topic. If you do this, do ensure that your question/topic is clearly described at the beginning of your post. All of the following criteria regarding references and support still apply. Please email me ( with any questions or concerns.

Based on the relevant lectures and assigned reading for Week 6, take a clear position on your chosen question. No “fence-sitting.” Provide as much support for your position and claims as possible. This also means explaining how the evidence you present supports your claim. Evidence/support rarely, if ever, “speaks for itself.” Make sure that all references to the assigned reading include page numbers [e.g., (Losurdo, pg. 15).] and all references to the lecture are cited by the week of the lecture and the title of the slide being referenced [e.g., (Lecture, Week 1, “What is Liberalism?”).]. Citations should be placed at the end of the relevant sentence(s), prior to the final punctuation. If you include mentions of current events, news stories, or historical events, please provide proper citations for those as well. Please use in-text/parenthetical citations, not footnotes or endnotes, for all citations. Remember, you need to include citations for all references to words AND ideas that are not your own, regardless of whether you are quoting directly or not. Please email me if you have a specific question about the reference/citation requirements. Any post that does not include any properly cited references will not receive credit. Posts that have some properly cited references but are missing other citations where they are necessary, will receive partial credit.

Grammar and spelling do not technically “count,” but excessive errors and/or errors that interfere with my ability to figure out what you are saying will negatively impact your grade. Reading over your post out loud to yourself once before submitting it is a simple and easy way to catch most major mistakes.