Marketing Strategy

Milestone 3 brings everything we have done so far together, but adds in a few new elements.

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For this final milestone, you will submit a paper outlining the marketing strategy you have selected for the new segment you chose for your brand(Amazon). This paper should include information about the overall campaign and should explain your strategy in detail.

The goal of a marketing strategy is to Increase sales and stay current with how a market is behaving.

A. Overall marketing campaign
1. Define the goals of your marketing campaign for your segment.
2. Determine channels through which you will market the product to your segment. Justify your response.
3. Describe the way you will incorporate one-to-one marketing into your overall marketing campaign.
4. Develop a messaging strategy, including sample messaging, for each channel you identified.
B. One-to-one marketing campaign
1. Define one-to-one marketing, and provide an example of how this type of marketing is used.
2. Describe which stage in the consumer buying process best would lend itself to one-to-one marketing.
3. Determine a one-to-one marketing strategy that would work for the stage you identified and explain why it aligns with your segment.

You will be graded on:
Marketing strategy- goals
Marketing strategy- Channels
Marketing strategy- One to One marketing
Marketing strategy- Messaging strategy
Marketing strategy- Type
Marketing strategy- Stages
Marketing strategy- Strategy
Remember to use APA formatting for your citations and references