Marketing Strategy: Multiattribute Table

1. For segment B, which has a higher evaluation – Tesla or Mercedes Benz? How about for segment C?

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2. Which of the three segments (A,B or C) has the highest attitude towards the brand Tesla? Why?

3. An individual from segment A is currently considering purchasing from one of the ten brands. According to the data, which two brands would he likely have the strongest attitude towards? Which brand does he have the lowest attitude towards?

4. How does each segment differ in terms of the relative importance of features when evaluating brands?

5. For segment C, what is Tesla’s main competitive advantage? Explain.

6. For segment B, what would be a false advantage for Mercedes Benz? Explain.

7. What type of choice heuristics do you think exist when consumers purchase cars?

8. What is cognitive dissonance, and how does it relate to choice heuristics and customer satisfaction/dissatisfaction?