Marketing Research – Case Questions

Case 5.1 – Pitney Bowes Places a Premium on Satisfaction

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Read the case carefully on p.100-101 (attached), and answer the four questions below.

Key Points:

A mail and document servicing company that considers every customer vital to its success.

Marketing efforts dig deep to understand their customer’s needs and concerns.

Managers review satisfaction results each week by region and sales rep, to uncover what drives satisfaction.

Constantly gathering information to see how Pitney Bowes ranks and recommendations by their most trusted providers.

Satisfaction rates are very high, over 85%.


1. What are the various types of surveys that could be used to measure satisfaction? What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of each?

2. Should customer satisfaction be measured daily? If yes, isn’t this very expensive? Why measure every day? Answers will vary by student and by type of business doing the assessment.

3. Assume that you have 2,000 customers and 95% of your customers are very satisfied. Isn’t that good enough?

4. Is it important to know why a customer is satisfied? Why?