Marketing Research Assignment

1. Traditionally, consumer goods firms were the primary clients of marketing research firms. However, many nontraditional types of institutions, such as universities, charities, hospitals, libraries, museums, and so on, are now regular customers of marketing research suppliers. Comment on this trend, especially with regard to marketing concept orientations.

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2. Describe a project that will help a firm assess who are its best customers. Be sure to mention which marketing research functional role is operational in this project.

3. Define and illustrate by giving examples the predictive function of marketing research.

4. Explain how marketing research can help a company retain its customers and turn them into brand loyal customers.

5. Explain proactive marketing research and reactive marketing research. Find examples for each.

6. Explain programmatic, selective and evaluative research. Give example for each.

7. Explain the three functions of marketing research. Give example for each.

8. Explain system orientation in detail.

*Please follow the instructions carefully