Marketing Essay

Objective: Design a marketing plan that will demonstrate entrepreneurial approaches to formulating product, price, promotion, and distribution strategies and action programs.

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Deliverables: Minimum 3-page paper

Activity Details:

Step 1: Write an introductory paragraph with a brief statement how a well-defined market niche plan can present attractive small business revenue stream opportunities.

Read the case study ( reading material will be provided)

Step 2: Write a 3-page essay
Write a 3-page paper answering and delivering:

  • Description of Nicher Allegiant Air’s approach to the market.
  • Description about the reason why the company took the marketing/business approach that they did.
  • Has it been successful?
  • Compare the market/business strategy of Allegiant to another large airline company.
  • How are they similar?
  • How are they different?
  • How did market research and planning make this a successful business?

Step 3: For the conclusion paragraph summarize what you have learned about the niche market planning process.