Managing Family Relationships in a Negotiation

This assignment asks you to consider a negotiation scenario with family members.

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Consider this scenario: You and your brother work for your father’s
successful family business, which employs 15 individuals. Your role has
evolved from being the Chief Machinist to being the General Manager and
main salesperson for the business. Your brother has creative talent and
is good at designing and fabrication, but is not strong in interpersonal
skills. Additionally, your brother does not take care of his personal
appearance and uses language around customers that is not appropriate.

Your father wants you to give your brother additional
responsibilities. He suggests that your brother should work in the
sales/front-facing side of the business. Your father has asked you to
develop a plan that successfully integrates your brother into the public
side of the business. However, you do not feel that it is the right
thing to do for the business!

Explain your negotiation strategy. Additionally, address the following topics:

  1. Explain why this is a multi-issue negotiation, as well as the benefits of this type of negotiation.
  2. Define your goal or desired outcome for this negotiation.
  3. Explain what you know about your father’s goals or interests concerning the negotiation.
    1. Additionally, list the questions you need to ask to improve your understanding of the other party’s goals and interests.
  4. Discuss any potential issues you believe might arise in this negotiation as a result of your relationship with the other party.
  5. Propose at least two strategies you will employ in the negotiation to help maintain your relationship with this person.

Your paper should be 6-8 pages in length and conform to APA Format