managerial reports


Taylor, Sampson, & Young Agency is scheduled to launch a personal information website for employees on August 1 with all access-related problems being handled by the Information Technology Help Desk. This website will provide employees with their payroll history such as past pay stubs, including deductions for benefits and withholdings; personal leave information; and detailed benefit information such as insurance coverage and retirement plans, etc. Access will be provided through a pre-assigned user identification number and a password that must be changed by August 15.

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As the Human Resources Director, prepare an e-mail message informing employees of the availability of the personal information website. Describe the benefits employees can gain from the availability of this online system, location on the company’s intranet, and secure procedures for accessing information.

Prior to completing this assignment, review your textbook chapter on writing electronic messages.


Review and revise your message several times to ensure the following:

  1. Explain the purpose of your message.
  2. Justify the benefit of the website for employees.
  3. Provide an effective action request.
  4. Correctlysend a courtesy copy to your e-mail address.
  5. 5.Do notuse attachment file format for the e-mail message.

E-Mail Message Grading Criteria

  • Message appropriately reflects the purpose, audience, and context.
  • Message is clear, concise, correct, complete, and courteous.
  • Message adheres to the principles of effective business communication using e-mail.
  • E-mail format is correct (refer to MyLab on Blackboard and your textbook).
  • Attachment is not used for e-mail message body.
  • Courtesy copy is correctly sent to self.
  • Date and time are stamped promptly.
  • Correct grammar, spelling, and sentence structure are used.
  • E-mail message is professional and acceptable.