management of sports


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What do you think are the two most important sponsorship assets the New England Revolution own and why? (Please research the team before you try to answer)

Q1: Identify and briefly discuss the NBA’s assets pertaining to mobile technologies, then develop at least 10 (ten) mobile-related sponsorship rights components (PLEASE USE ATTACHED DOCUMENT TO ANSWER QUESTION)

Media Relations & Social Media: The main job of a media relations professional is to maintain a relationship between an organization and the media so he/she can generate positive media coverage for the organization. With more than 1 billion Facebook users and over 500 million Twitter users, social media today can play a role in this process. How can social media be leveraged to aid media relations professionals? Cite specific examples of how a specific government organization, company, or non-profit has used social media platforms to advance its image. Number your answers to the following:

  1. Comment on the level of engagement with technology: what specific platforms are being used and how?
  2. Comment on how successful these efforts are and what specific evidence do you have of their success/failure?
  3. Use this example to comment on how technology is changing the practice of media relations.

Be as specific as you can in all your answers.

Each question requires a page