Management information System

Please answer the following questions:

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Q1. What are the reasons for the success of the zero email initiative?

Q2. What are “changes” needed to succeed in the social collaboration transformation?

[PLEASE NOTE: answer Q2 given here above, NOT Q2 in the case study at the end of the attached paper]

Q3. What can drive motivation and engagement of managers and leaders to go through the zero process?

Q4. What are the reasons that led to the zero email initiative?

Q5. How was the social transformation done at Atos?

Q6. What are the main benefits of zero email-driven processes?

Q7. Do you believe that the zero email initiative positively affected Atos Performance?

Please submit a hard copy of the answers on 01/04/2018.

Please DO NOT copy from your colleagues. COPY will be treated as cheating and it has severe influence on your score.