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  • Why aren’t Saudi dialects taught and spoken worldwide?
  • Are we supposed to be teaching Saudi dialects in the Middle East in schools?
  • Are they supposed to speak one Saudi dialect when it comes to policy in Saudi Arabia?
  • Would it be good for Saudi Arabia to unite under one dialect?
  • Would it be good for the Gulf countries to unite under the Saudi dialect?
  • Which dialect of Saudi would be the best to unite the Middle East?
  • Do you think that you should speak the Saudi dialect while observing Muslim occasions?
  • Do you think that how they write the newspapers in the Gulf countries is derived from the Saudi dialects?
  • How do you think that the Saudi dialects affect the Middle East?
  • Do Saudi dialects affect entertainment throughout the country or the Middle East?


Arabic is a language that is centralized in a small portion of the world, whereas the larger, latin-based languages are more prevalent.

I would say yes.If you are teaching students with varying dialects, I think they should be taught all of them.

I would say yes.It is easier to understand policy when it is focused in one language/dialect.

Yes.Commonality would be better.

Maybe.I would say it would probably be better to unite under the most prevalent dialect.

The most prevalent Arabic dialect.

Yes, if you are from Saudi Arabia.If not, I would think you should speak the dialect from your country or culture.

That depends on the dialect of Arabic that they are writing in.

If it is the most prevalent dialect, than probably significantly.

Yes in Saudi Arabia.Possibly in other countries depending on the most prevalent dialect spoken.