Make common on the following paragraph

Please start the paragraph with I like it or I a agree what you saying, and no reference need it

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1. Leadership and management of people are paramount in this industry. There was no better way to start this video. Without great managerial leadership there are no paths for the team to trail. I personally believe that every person on a team plays as a leader on the job.Whether it be your title or just simply leading by example, a leader is established at the top and trickles down. I like the acknowledges the leader as more of a “being” function and not a “doing” function. So many times I have seen in this industry where the person in charge is out-shined by the person that nobody pays any attention to. From the military to hospitality I have seen people in charge and think to myself, how & why? Then this quiet guy who steps out of the cozy corner and emerges from the shadows comes along and knows just as much, if not more than the person in charge. That’s exactly why I don’t get so wrapped up in titles because I know there has been many occasions that I have known my job better than the person in charge. The “reflexive leadership role” is honestly rare from my experiences in this industry. I have just seen too many times where people in charge are exposed in times of critical moments. I hear people say all the time that either your born to be a leader or not. I disagree with that notion because I know being in the military that I have seen many troop minded men transformed into leaders. Another topic he speaks about is the thin line between “self awareness” and “self absorption”! I really appreciate him touching on this because it’s so easy point fingers and criticize others when sometimes its healthy to be self aware and take a look at yourself to see if you are the problem. The ability to prioritize information to help you make a healthy and sound decision is an idea I know I can use for the rest of my life. For me it is a simple reminder to differentiate the importance of information that is important and information that is not so important. As a leader you want to know everything that’s going and I understand that as a leader you’d want to know but you should be a able to assess what is vital and what is not. Great video!

2. liked how Mr. Gutek was talking about being function and a doing function and how it is totally two different things. How they work from a person, like he says how do you be a leader? That is a great question what makes a leader and how can he or she make themselves a better leader. Can you push people and are self aware he brings up a lot of good points on what a leader is. Mr. Gutek makes a statement about there is a very thin line between self awareness and self absorption. The way he explains how you need to do things to become a leader, and how to become an efficient leader. I always thought a good leader was some one who cares about their employees and try to get along with all of them. That has of course changed over time I think a leader is a person who is strong in their beliefs and stands on his decisions and doesn’t back down.

We have discussed in this class so far and I believe leadership is such a key role. People who have good leadership skills and can pass them on to others are not just good leaders, but also good teachers. The value of a good leader is often ignored some people just want to work and don’t really pay any attention to their boss they just want to get done with the day and go home. If people pay attention to their leaders they might learn a little more and actually be and do better at their job. Leaders also need to pay more attention to their employees also because some of them work really hard and never get the recognition that they really do deserve. If both did that then I think workplaces would be a nicer place to be.