Make a list of advertisements you like and specify why you like them, assignment help

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About Advertisements

This week you looked at evaluating media messages. In this assignment, you will put what you learned into action and also provide some examples.

Do the following:

· Make a list of advertisements you like and specify why you like them.

· If the advertisement is for a product, state whether you buy the products in those advertisements and whether your decision to buy is influenced by those advertisements. If the advertisement calls you to act in some way, such as watching a television program, voting for a candidate, participating in a charity event, etc., does it work? Have you followed through with what you were being encouraged to do?

· Identify a category of products where advertisements have more influence on your buying decisions than with other products.

· How many times in the last week or so did you think about something you needed or wanted to buy?

· Explain where these needs and wants come from and whether advertising plays any role in them at all.

Submission Criteria

Write your initial response in  two paragraphs. Give reasons in support of your responses. Be sure to cite any relevant sources.


Using Your Thinking

In this lesson, you looked at two types of thinking, reactive and reflective. Put simply, reactive thinking results in quick decisions while reflective thinking constitutes evaluating the situation and then planning an appropriate action. For the following decisions, which type of thinking would you be most likely to use? Explain your answer.

1. Deciding whether or not to stop and vote as you are driving home on election day

2. Deciding whom you will vote for

3. Deciding which school to attend

4. Reading through the entire assignment before beginning work

5. Deciding whether or not to post a picture on Instagram or Facebook

6. Deciding whether or not to loan money to a family member

7. Deciding where to stop to pick up dinner

8. Deciding which car to purchase

9. Deciding which is the right deal for purchasing a car

10. Deciding what to wear to a job interview

Submission Criteria

Write a 2/3 -page paper in Word format. 

pls read the attached files.Thnx