literary analysis paper on tartuffe by molierre

Goal: 3 to 4 pages + Works Cited (MLA)

Essay Outline

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Introduction/Introductory Paragraph-

1) Hook – A compelling statement that opens up your paper.

Hook example: Moliere’s Tartuffe has captured audiences with its lighthearted critique of hypocrisy.

2) Thesis statement – The sentence that clearly states your argument for the paper. It is always the last line of the opening paragraph.

Thesis statement I decided to use- Moliere communicates how deception works through Tartuffe by using symbolism, dramatic irony, and foil.

Body Paragraphs

1) Symbolism

2) Dramatic Irony

3) Character Foils


Each body paragraph (3) will start with what is called a topic sentence. Example “Symbolism is an effective tool Moliere uses to communicate deception.”


Body paragraphs will always analyze your quotes from various sources (e.g., Tartuffe) that support the main topic.


Concluding Paragraph-

1) Restated version of your thesis statement.

2) You need to make sure to summarize/wrap up all the ideas discussed in your paper.