lit review

Please make a paragraph about what literature review helps with research like this one.

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Literature reviews help shed light on previous and current research. Conducting quality literature reviews comes with consistent practice sometimes described as an art form (Polit & Beck, 2017). Nurse leaders overcome plenty of difficulties within their roles. While conducting a search using keywords: role, conflict, ambiguity and nursing. The first articles examined: Job satisfaction among nurses: a literature review. A majority of literature found proved to be related to nurse retention. Role conflict is defined as, “congruency-incongruency or compatibility-incompatibility in the requirements of the role, where congruency of compatibility is judged relative to a set of standards or conditions which impinge upon role performance” (Lu, While, & Barriball, p. 221, 2015). The framework of this study was not identified. The study concluded role conflict to be the leading cause of nurse stress at work (Lu, While, & Barriball, 2005). Further research is needed due to the lack of current data available.

Lu, H., While, A. E., & Barriball, K. L. (2005). Job satisfaction among nurses: a literature review. International Journal Of Nursing Studies, 42(2), 211–227. Retrieved from…

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