lifestyle change plan

1. write a lifestyle change plan by using the form.

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2. Execute your plan Start to make the lifestyle change you chose. Keeping good track of your activities during these 10 days will help you write a good blog post in the second part of the assignment.

Background: We have learned that climate change is currently being caused, at least partially, by human activities that release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. These activities include transportation, industrial production, energy generation, and agriculture (particularly livestock farming). We also discuss how climate change must be addressed at different levels, including at the international, national, and city levels. However, all of us, as consumers and citizens have a big role to play. Our consumptions choices, daily activities, and voices matter.

Goal: The ecological footprint survey you complete earlier this quarter gave you some idea of your individual impact on the environment. Now, it is time to think about what changes you could make to reduce your footprint. In this assignment, you will learn more about how energy and water use, transportation, food and other consumption choices impact the environment. You will also learn about alternative options that have lower impact.

Although the assignment focuses on individual actions, an important part of it is for you to reflect about the potential positive impacts of these changes at a larger scale (think about large numbers of people adopting these changes). More importantly, this assignment will help you to think about individual actions and changes in relationship to policies and regulations.


The assignment is divided into two parts. In the first part, you will create a plan for making a lifestyle change. In the second part, you will write about the experience of making that change. Please, follow the instructions below to complete both parts.

Step 1: Choose a change to make
Your first task is to choose, from the list below, a lifestyle change that you can make and commit to for 10 days. (If you would like to make a change not listed here, please, consult with your TA). As you look through the list, think about which change makes sense to you and which one will have the most impact. For example, if you do not drive much, change #1 will not make sense.
The bullet list for each lifestyle change includes suggested actions to achieve your goal. The links under “sources” give you information about those changes



(why they are important, how they can be made). At least one link in each category explains how UCI is addressing the issue. Read through these and choose a change that you think makes sense to you. If possible, choose something that you will have some fun doing.

Ø CHANGE #1: Reduce miles travelled by car

Ø CHANGE #2: Reduce (or eliminate) the use of bottled water, single- use plastics, and plastic bags



CHANGE #4: Make better food choices

  • Choose organic and local food whenever possible
  • Reduce the consumption of meat
  • Reduce consumption of food with high carbon footprint
  • 2: Create a planYou will have time to work on the plan during discussion session on Week 6
    Complete the 3 questions. Save it as a PDF .
  • Step 3: Execute your plan Start to make the lifestyle change you chose as soon as possible. Keep track of what changes you are making. Keep a journal where you can note, for example, how many miles you did on bike instead of car, how many water bottles you avoided using, by how many minutes you reduced your showers, when you ate a vegetarian or vegan meal, etc…).Also note any challenges you are facing in making these changes. Write down which ones are difficult, which ones are easy. Also, think about how you are feeling about these changes (and maybe how people around you are feeling about your changes). Keeping good track of your activities during these 10 days will help you write a good blog post in the second part of the assignment.