life parter

This is an exercise to experience how other people determine candidates as possible life partners, and to consider your own values in this type of relationship.

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Interview someone close to you, but not your significant other- and provide first name and relationship to you. Ask your interviewee to tell you his/her 5 most important characteristics of a compatible life/romantic partner.

Include in your description:


  1. The reasons the interviewee chose this characteristic (10 pts.) and
  2. Your view of the characteristic. Would it matter to you? Why or why not? (10 pts.)
  3. What qualities might you add to the list? (10 pts.)
  4. Which of the six types of love, as described by John Alan Lee, enter into each of your choices? Your interviewee’s choices? (10 pts.) This paper should be between 3-4 pages – double-spaced, 12 point type, with one-inch margins. (minus 10 points if NOT in full compliance)