Life-Course Interview

For this assignment, you are to interview one older woman (e.g., your mother, grandmother, neighbor, etc. – someone over 40) about her life experiences. At the end of the interview, summarize her story, and describe how her story fits and differs from the patters we have described in class. For your interview and summary, make sure to consider:

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 What were main themes and/or aspects that recurred throughout her upbringing, focus especially on characteristics and relationships?

 What were her expectations, and how was she expected to act, feel, and behave?

 What were her main goals and aspirations? What steps did she take to realizing them? What obstacles did she face?

 How did her gender influence big life choices (education, career path, age of marriage/parenthood)?

 What were some proud moments in her life? Were they focused on individual achievement; family?

 Did she have any siblings? If she had sisters, what were core principles that were ingrained in them growing up? If she had brothers, how did the core principles that were ingrained in them different than that of hers?

 How did she experience society’s changing structure of gender and sexuality (sexual revolution, women’s movement)? How does she feel about these changes now?

 How were men and women depicted and portrayed in media (magazines, television, radio)? How is this different from the way they are portrayed now? What does she feel about the differences in depiction?

 Did she live out the life course she projected for herself as an adolescent or young adult? If she was swayed from her path, what caused these changes?

**You are not limited to these questions. Feel free to ask additional questions in order to get a comprehensive view of her life story.**

The assignment should be at least 4 pages (1” margins, 12 pt. Times New Roman or Arial font)