Letter to the Editor

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1) View the video “Editorial Writing” on The News Literacy
Project website at

2) Write a “Letter to the Editor” to a news publication
(print or online) about one of the issues at the ProCon.org  website.

To develop a well-informed opinion, you should arrive at a
position on an issue based on credible information and be able to defend your
position with evidence.

The video on “Editorial Writing” at The News Literacy
Project website identifies 6 steps for writing a good editorial on an issue:


1. Identify your readers – consider your audience

2. Hook the readers – draw your readers in

3. Use facts – give evidence to support reasons for your

4. Acknowledge reasons for other points of view

5. Rebut other arguments

6. End with a single thought to encourage your readers to
look at the issue differently

Following this structure when you present your position on
an issue will ensure you are including each of the elements necessary to
construct a well-informed and supported argument!

You have to go to the website ProCon.org and pick a topic to
do this assignment.

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