learned on using technology in your classroom

Please write a 3-page, double-spaced paper on what you have learned on using technology in your classroom from your readings and from the PowerPoint. Please cite your information from the ISTE standards, articles and websites so that it is obvious you have done the reading. Include in your paper:

  1. Your personal philosophy about using technology in the classroom now that you have completed this module. Please cite examples from your reading that have helped you develop your philosophy
  2. Why using technology helps students develop 21st Century Skills.
  3. Include a list in your paper of 5 new websites (give actual URL) that support your use of technology. These could be informational articles or sites that you plan to use in your teaching. THESE SHOULD BE NEW WEBSITES YOU HAVE FOUND–NOT THOSE YOU ALREADY USE.
  4. Please surf the UEN website www.uen.org (Links to an external site.)and include several ideas you found on UEN that you plan to use. ALL OF THESE SHOULD BE NEW IDEAS YOU HAVE FOUND–NOT THOSE YOU ALREADY USE

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