leadership assignment

Part 1 – Amy Cuddy and Communication-Leadership Communication

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Watch the video above and then address the following: Discuss how your non-verbal behaviors tell a story about you (e.g., attitudes, views, emotions, etc.). You might include facial expressions, body language, and symbolic behaviors (e.g., type of clothing you wear, artifacts in your office, the car you drive, brands you like, etc.). Ask at least one person for feedback.

Identify at least 2 ideas from Amy’s video that want to change to become more effective in your nonverbal communication. Include desired results for your communication – how would you like others to respond to you? Describe with these results would look like in behavioral and attitudinal terms.

1. With whom do you need to build (or repair) relationships at work?

2. What do you need to share (hidden quadrant) with others to be more open and productive? In other words, what would cause people to say “wow, that guy/gal is awesome?

3. Think of an example in which you regularly engage in negative self-talk (permanent, personal, and/or pervasive messages about events/situations). Describe the event, the negative self-talk and what you are going to do to become more optimistic (temporary, behavior-based, specific to a situation).

Part 2- Leading Teams

1. Discuss the pros/cons of the three types of teams profiled in Chapter 10: functional, cross-functional, self-directed (self-managed).

2. Describe your experience at work with one of these three types of teams. What elements made this team effective? What caused problems? Provide examples to support your assessment of the team’s effectiveness.