Leadership and Decision Making U1 DB2 1st Response to Juan

Using at least 100 words, please respond to the following post:

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Reflect on your own experience as a leader, if not professionally, then in the community or family. With which leadership approaches are you most comfortable? What are the implications for you if you were one of the leaders in this scenario?

In my past experiences I’ve held many leadership positions. Every one of them different that the other. That is because I’ve had to adapt to the kind of mission and people I’ve worked with. When it comes to this merger scenario, I would feel more comfortable with the Authoritative leadership approach. When I was in the military, I learned that being a leader is not for the glory or fame it is to help those we serve for. A true leader is to serve their employees and their organizations. The U.S. Army Infantry has a motto, “Follow Me!”. They always remember where they came from when they started, never ask to do something they never did themselves and they almost always keep their word. When dealing with a merger, it is important to understand as a leader that not everyone has been where you are and asking them to change their ways can be difficult. It must be done with clarity and guidance otherwise, the employees will turn and leave, which can implicate the mission of the merger. (Carter Ph.D., 2000)