law writing

Download and read the attached case Kaupp v Texas.

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This assignment requires you identify and understand key areas of a decision. So read the decision, label, and highlight using different colors each of the:

1) Publisher synopsis/summary

2) Court’s statement of the Issue in the case

3) Statement of Facts

4) Publisher Headnote that describes what a seizure is (i.e., that says in essence when a reasonable person would not feel free to leave)

5) Court’s explanation/discussion that headnote describes (hint: headnotes are numbered and look like footnotes in the text)

6) Disposition: the court’s ruling regarding whether the reverse or affirm the trial court decision

Make sure to label your answer clearly so I know when you are answering each question.

There is no minimum or maximum length for your answer. Each answer shouldn’t take more than a few sentences each. But to earn points, it must be fully and meaningfully answered. Failure to answer each sub-part of the question will not earn points for the whole question. Also, the answer should be a written grammatically correct answer.