Law Enforcement Intelligence drug trafficking.

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subject: Drug trafficking

How to write an Intelligence Briefing

What is an intelligence briefing?

An intelligence briefing delivers information on a particular subject. Intelligence briefings are short and to the point. Your intelligence briefing should cover a topic related to policing/crime/intelligence in Saudi Arabia. [CILO 1: Evaluate

Intelligence-Related Research Question].

How to write an intelligence briefing

Your assignment should be organised as follows:

  • Title.
  • Summary, or Key Findings (Bullet Points).
  • Introduction (Short).
  • Main Points.
  • Conclusion (Short).
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  • Write the intelligence briefing as if you were writing a report on policing/crime/ intelligence in Saudi Arabia for a superior. [CILO 4:
  • Write Reports],

  • Cadets should suggest some method of dealing with the crime they are talking about. [CILO 3: Recommend Strategies]
  • Cadets must use some type of graph or diagram or chart or statistical data in the briefing. [CILO 2: Present Results]
  • The briefing must be referenced properly.
  • Copying or sharing will be treated as plagiarism and penalties will be
  • applied.