Language Arts Writing Assignment

Research paper : OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY must include everything

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1. name of institution-any all names institution used

2. Date institution was founded

3. Location of institution

4. Founders

5. Religious affiliation if any

6. What is require for general admission (undergrad and grad)

7. Cost of attendance (Undergrad and Grad)

8. Programs of Study- include 5 undergrad and 5 grad programs

9. Student population demographics (Male/Female and Race/Ethnicity)

10. Campus Size

11. Housing options-include any special housing requirements (Freshman, international students)

12. Athletic programs (football, basketball, etc)

13. Greek organizations (AKA, Alpha Phi Alpha, etc.)

14. other organizations if applicable

Include: title page, outline, work cited, Typed at least 3 pages in APA formatting Double space