Label the fallacies by the given terms in each part

PART 1: Underline and identify all material you find fallacious, placing the fallacy term(s) near the underlines you make IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. The terms are: Begging the Question, Question Begging Epithet, Complex Q., Special Pleading, False Analogy, False Cause, Slippery Slope, Irrelevant Thesis.

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1. With a quick look at Larry Flint’s confirmed list of eleven adulterous U. S. Congressmen, this seems to be just the beginning of the story of political affairs. Since a majority of those in office have revealed that they committed “an act of indiscretion” at one point or another, I think we could turn up evidence of adultery in Congress. In fact, even while Congress was voting to impeach former President Bill Clinton over his promiscuous affair, we heard through several news agencies how Congressman Henry Hyde admitted to having “youthful indiscretions” in his forties (Excerpt from editorial).

2. The tooth fairy taught kids to sell their body parts for money at a very young age. It’s an easy step then, years later, to think about selling your body in other ways, and prostitution immediately comes to mind. Ultimately, we need to consider the Tooth Fairy’s effect on society and prostitution in particular.

3. Death to traitors is justified because it is right to put to death those who betray our country.

4. That mental midget couldn’t come up with a decent energy policy if his pathetic life depended on it.

5. Protesters have a right to be violent when they are protesting violence. For not to fight violence with violence will leave a movement too weak to effectively change a political system for the better, and effectively leave them in the same place they started.

6. The current protests over police brutality are unwarranted. If we didn’t have police then how would we maintain order? How could we function as a country if we had to depend upon the mob rule of small pockets of people and communities? No, there’s just no point in weakening the police departments or having them change tactics.

7. Clearly the NATO air strikes were just. Would the U.S., the French, the British governments have endorsed them if they weren’t?

8. “He simply lost control of his athletes and that’s why they lost,” said one coach to another. “That team played terribly and without heart or drive. But we played through injury and fatigue, before losing our game.”

9. As soon as they introduced universal health care for California residents, businesses failed or moved to other states. It’s clear this was a bad move by the Governor.

10. I am sure that Charles is best qualified for the engineering scholarship. He worked hard for his high marks, unlike some of the applicants for whom good grades came easily. Both his father, mother, and grandfather have won it as well, so he deserves it.

11. Leonard repeatedly says, “remember Sammy Jenkins,” which proves that he is Sammy Jenkins because he keeps repeating this throughout the film.

12. Since AT&T started monitoring and recording all phone calls within its network, there has not been a terrorist attack. We should have a nation-wide phone policy to monitor all phone calls at all times in order to be safe.

PART 2: Underline and identify all material you find fallacious, placing the fallacy term(s) near the underlines you make IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. The terms for this part are: Begging the Question, Question Begging Epithet, Complex Q., Special Pleading, False Analogy, False Cause, Slippery Slope, Irrelevant Thesis.

Zak Wear believes it’s his civic duty to step into the street and lend his voice to the antipolice protests that have swept the nation and the Bay Area. In his mind, protest is the only way to effect change, and without protest movements, society would easily slip back into a more rigid, militant state.

But, the 25-year-old graduate seminary student from Richmond will have two new front teeth on his next march. Vandals knocked out Wear’s teeth in a vicious beating “… on video during the protests Tuesday that began in Berkeley and spilled into Oakland. The thugs beat him because he tried to put out a garbage fire. He tried to tell them violence was muddling up their message. “I was marching for the aggregate sense of justice for (Eric) Garner and (Michael) Brown and I think that the real reason to have this demonstration is to create a sense of urgency around political engagement and consciousness,” Wear said.

The trouble started as Wear, who went to the protests solo, plucked burning boxes from a dumpster sitting in the middle of Telegraph Avenue near 21st Street in Oakland. “This is not how we do this,” he said as he tried to stomp out the fire. “This is absolutely not how we do this. Non-violence is the only way to affect political change”

His demeanor was calm and peaceful, but it did not prevent what happened next. An unidentified female bicyclist rolled up and began arguing with him. The heated discussion, Wear thought, was fine “because that’s how culture change happens – through heated discussion within the moment and on the street.” “It never crossed my mind at all that a demonstrator would strike another demonstrator,” he said, “because violent actions are only reserved for true aggressors like the police and military.” But the confrontation quickly escalated. The woman screamed at Wear: “Leave us alone, let the garbage burn, and go the f— home!” Gesturing at Wear, she concluded with: “We’ve got police over here trying to stop us. He’s trying to stop the protest!”

A masked demonstrator approached Wear and yelled, “You wanna be police? You wanna oppose this protest?” And with that turn of the phrase, Wear had become an enemy, a target, a police aggressor. He was surrounded and three masked men beat him from all sides, screaming as they punched. He heard someone comment: “were your teeth worth a garbage bin fire?”

When the beating stopped, blood was gushing from Wear’s mouth. “My two top teeth are pretty much gone, my ear was cut and my scalp is bruised,” Wear said the next day. “I was just pleading with them to allow me to find my glasses.”

Wear spent much of the day Thursday undergoing painful dental procedures. He said he was in pain. But his top concern was this: He believes peaceful and powerful demonstrations can still be achieved. “In the Bay Area, we have a corps of bullies who are running the show at these demonstrations,” Wear said. “They’re not necessarily provocateurs, but people with their own vision of change — and it includes violent confrontation.

PART 3, underline and identify all material you find fallacious, placing the fallacy term near the underlines you make IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.. The terms for this part are: Personal Attack, Mob Appeal, Pity, Authority, Ignorance, Fear. The carryovers from part 2 terms are: Question-begging Epithet, Slippery Slope, and False Analogy

This paragraph contains multiple fallacies and is based on the long section of part 2:

Zak Wear now recognizes the difference between a peaceful protest and what’s playing out in our cities. He’s the second protester in Berkeley this week to be assaulted by violent groups for trying to promote peace. The other peaceful protester was hit with a hammer. It’s clear at this point that there is no place for peaceful protesters, and we must fight violence with violence if change is to occur. To ignore this conclusion just shows how out of touch peaceful protesters like Wear really are. The peace-loving, hippy-types have no place in the modern protest movement. It’s time to consider bringing either a more aggressive attitude to or a firearm to these protests. Not doing is like bringing a knife to a gunfight.

One American custom that has never changed: a friendly, social drink. When offered, accept the invitation. (Advertisement by Licensed Beverage Industries).

My client did not act improperly when using an official govt. car for commuting between his home and office. Even the mayor and police captain do this from time to time.

We must assume she is a Communist because she says she is not, but we know Communists are taught to deny membership in the Communist Party. So, you can clearly see, she’s a communist.

We must reject the Barbara Beno’s suggestion for increasing efficiency and reducing costs at CCSF by bringing a dollars and sense business approach to the college. As a bureaucrat, she cannot be expected to realize that the college’s aim is to educate the people, not make a profit like corporations do.

If the high-tech industry is so great, then why aren’t you working in that industry?

Sprint now offers “location services” as a free app for parents to install on their children’s phones. With the high-crime rate in Oakland, as a parent, can you afford not to know where your children are?