JWI 599 Stayer Week 10 Winning


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You’ve been working hard, and you’ve have gained a lot of insight into your organization. You have:

✓ Formed a hypothesis about an area of opportunity to drive meaningful growth (Assignment 1) ✓ Collected and analyzed relevant data to validate your hypothesis (Assignment 2)

✓ Delivered a clear outline of your strategic plan to your Board (Assignment 3)

In completing this work, you’ve taken a close look at the internal and external environments, you’ve examined the financials and determined what is needed to accomplish your plan and what the payback should look like, and you’ve looked at the current people and structures in light of what it will take to execute your plan. Now, there’s just one item left to address – convince the Board to give you the go- ahead. This week, you’ll make your pitch! Remember, you will be making an “ask” in your presentation, so always answer questions in your presentation before your audience has an opportunity to raise them.


Your presentation must be well-organized, compelling, and delivered with the executive presence expected of a leader. You should make use of PowerPoint or other visual tools as part of your presentation to support your delivery. There is no required sequence or organization for your content. You must decide how you wish to begin, advance, and conclude the presentation. However, you must ensure that you address the “Board Questions” you received from your professor in your Board Brief feedback.