just answer the question 2

Please be thorough in your responses. Although I am not requiring you to use external sources, if you do, you must cite them using APA formatting (last name of Author, year; p# if you are using exact quotes). If not using external sources, your response material should come from either of the two assigned texts. Be sure to provide the following to identify where your responses are coming from in your text: (Harris, 2007; p#) or if other book (Applewhite, 2019; p#). By providing me with citations, I will be better able to identify which information are your own ideas and opinions and which information is from the text and other external sources. A good response should contain all of the above. Responses receive up to 30 points. Please be detailed and specific.

(1) Using Chapter 13, please discuss the different long-term care options for elders needing assistance; please include nursing homes, assisted living and home health care. Please compare and contrast assisted living facilities and nursing homes to one another including pros and cons of both. Explain the Eden Alternative and explain whether you believe this would be a better alternative than a nursing home and why or why not.

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(2) Using Chapter 14, please explain how older adults may experience, discuss and perceive death differently than younger people and why. Using Glaser and Strauss’s passage into dying, please discuss the different trajectories of dying: Lingering trajectory, short-reprieve pattern, abrupt surprise trajectory, suspended sentence and entry-reentry patern. How do you think these different trajectories of dying may affect the family members of these dyig patients?

(3) Using Chapter 15, please discuss how social security works, why there are concerns regarding depletion of the social security trust funds, and what amendments were passed to increase revenues to keep the reserves high.

Explain what Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is and who receives it as well as provide details about private pension plans. Lastly, please discuss what Medicare and Medicaid are and who is eligible for them.