Journal Forensics Narrative

Please see the attach work i did. please fix it and complete . it by addding the supporting articles paragraph.

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The Journal Forensics Process

First, you will need to select a current topic in respiratory therapy that is disease related. Then, you will have to select a journal article, which aligns its-self with your desired topic. The article has to be from a major medical journal, see Topic Article Guidelines.

Topic Article Guidelines

  • The article cannot be older than three years from July 2017
  • o Examples of acceptable journals:

    ▪ American Association of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine

    ▪ Chest

    ▪ Journal of the American Medical Association

    ▪ Respiratory Care

    ▪ The New England Journal of Medicine

  • A full journal article is required. Abstracts and editorials are not allowed.
  • Journal Forensics Narrative

    The purpose of the outline is to help you include all of the elements needed for a successful Journal Forensics experience. The presented JF narrative will need have the bolded titles to allow better transition for the reader throughout the narrative. Your JF narratives will need to be presented using this template. I have provided some written guides within each of the required sections of the JF narrative example.

    Example Outline for the Journal Forensics Narrative

    *Please do not include a title page




    Article Title

    Please place the title of the main article in this section. The journal article title will need to be in AMA format.

    Article Thesis Statement

    What is the main point of the article as expressed by the author? This is usually covered in the article’s introduction. Please place the author’s thesis in this section. Since this is the author’s statement the thesis will need to be cited. This should be one to two sentences long.

    Article Synopsis

    Please give a short overview of your selected article. This should be one to two paragraphs in length.

    Support Article I

    Name of the first support article (AMA format)

    Support article explanation

    *In this part of the JF narrative you will proceed to explain the how, what, where, and why the author incorporated the first of the four “major support” articles. Detail is essential at this point of the Journal Forensics narrative process. There will need to be one-two well detailed paragraphs per support article.

    Please note…The major support articles are those referenced by the author, in your selected journal article, that provides the best overall support for the article.

    Support Article II

    Name of the second support article (AMA format)

    See the example given in Support Article I

    Support Article III

    Name of the third support article (AMA format)

    See the example in Support Article I

    Support Article IV

    Name of the fourth support article (AMA format)

    See the example in Support Article I

    The Journal Forensics narratives will need to be completed by the posting dates. The first Journal Forensics narrative posting date (sent to me via email) is July 5th, by no later than 11:55 p.m. MST. The second Journal Forensics narrative will be due by July 12th, by no later than 11:55 pm MST. A complete RC 443 course schedule is available in the Course Information section of the content area. Please follow the assigned time line.

    Journal Forensics Narrative Formatting Criteria

  • All citations, references, and text must be presented in American Medical Association formatting
  • The JF narratives font will be Arial and the font size will need to be 12pt.
    • The JF narratives font colour will be black
    • Correct spelling, grammar, capitalization, and punctuation are required
    • The JF narratives will need to be sent as an attached Word .doc file. I will not accept or convert other formats