Job Offer – Scenario

You completed an interview with a potential employer one week ago, and are anxiously awaiting the results. One afternoon, you receive a phone call from the employer and they offer you the position! While you are very excited about the opportunity, you know it is in your best interest to review the entire offer and benefits package before accepting. You graciously and politely thank the employer for contacting you, and request 48 hours to review the offer and respond. The employer agrees, and emails you a copy of the full offer description.

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Upon reviewing the offer description, you notice that the salary is lower than you anticipated, and the benefits package does not describe an option for dental insurance. Your son and has been visiting the dentist regularly for orthodontic work, so dental insurance is very important to you. Also, your son is now a teenager and you would like to contribute to his college fund, since he will be graduating in a few years. Any additional income you can get will be very helpful. Outside of these two issues, the job offer looks very appealing and you are excited about the opportunity to join this company.

With this in mind, you decide you would like to negotiate with the employer in hopes of obtaining a higher salary and inquire about the availability of dental insurance. Before making the call, you prepare a list of talking points and strategies you will use to make the conversation go as smoothly as possible.