Job loss case study

Job Loss Case Study

For this assignment, assume a large employer is closing in the community. In the Longevin family, the grandfather, Joe (age 60), the daughter Angela (age 40), and the grandson, Peter (age 20), are all losing their jobs. When Joe was 42, he was diagnosed with depression, but he has controlled this for the past few years. You may embellish this scenario as needed, including cultural implications and assessment results. Use Job Loss Case Study Template (linked in Resources) and address the following elements in this assignment:

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  • Analyze the early, middle, and later developmental stages of career development for a case study.
    • Analyze the three developmental career stages of Joe, Angela, and Peter.
  • Analyze the interrelationships pertaining to work, mental well-being, family, and other life roles and factors.
    • Discuss how job loss might impact each person in terms of their relationships and mental well-being for the case study.
    • Discuss how family roles and responsibilities may shift as a result of job loss in the case study.
  • Which career counseling strategies would you use to help with the changes resulting from job loss?
  • Select developmentally appropriate career assessments that would be helpful to guide your work with each client in this case study. Name one assessment you would use for each person and describe the criteria you used to make this choice.
  • Assess the cultural appropriateness of the assessments you chose for each client.
  • Based on the assessment results and the effects of job loss you identified, select and apply career counseling strategies to the case study that would facilitate skill development for the planning and management of career, education, and life-work.

Review the Job Loss Case Study Scoring Guide to understand the grading expectations for this assignment.

Submission Requirements

  • Communication: Communicate in a manner that is scholarly, professional, and consistent with expectations for members of the counseling professions. Write effectively through the consistent use of grammar, punctuation, mechanics, and APA format. Use scholarly resources that support your analysis through clear, concise, well-organized, and grammatically correct writing that incorporates appropriate APA style conventions with few errors.
  • APA Requirements: Follow current edition APA style and format.
  • References: Include at least three references, including your text.
  • Length: 3–5 pages.