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Discuss the team dynamics for a highly effective or ineffective team of which you were a member. Can you explain why the team performed so well or so poorly?

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Reply 1:-

The majority of teams display certain traits that drive efficiency in communication while increasing productivity. An effective team gets together and works as a single mechanism to reach the goal at hand. In order to make sure that your team works effectively it is important to make sure that any ineffectiveness is eliminated (Lawrence, 2018).

It is important for the team to have a sense of purpose. Everyone might know what the goal is but a failure to assign or manage daily activities are important. If there is a lack of knowledge in the team about reaching the goal and the path to take then this could cause ineffectiveness in the group. In a team, it is important to assign proper roles to individuals and distribute the work. When the members are unaware as to what is the purpose or what are they working towards, then they lack motivation and the daily output of the individual be decline.

Individuals from a broken team may not get a sense of equivalent position inside group. At point where certain people talk sentimentally and very frankly, or when they declare emotions or assessments are not considered, neglected team individuals will have some negative animosity toward rest. When there is a issue occurred in the team, it is necessary that team and director of the team should talk regarding issue transparently and decently and resolve them and keep in mind the importance of equality. Together they can reach compromise regarding to the greater part principle leads to hatred and outrage, that can bring again hurt in the dynamic of the team. It is necessary that each team individuals should contribute and nobody is allowed to ride on shoulders of remainder of team members. We can study that Equality, management, transparency, and planning is crucial for a team (Lawrence, 2018).

Reply 2:-

Various individuals meet up for work, they originate from better places. The most testing thing for such individuals is to meet up and work with one another. They need to make such a stride on the grounds that except if and until they cooperate, they can’t make as far as possible. At the point when the individuals meet up they, obviously, accompany diverse frame of mind and nature. For such reason, on the off chance that they need to keep their team dynamics on the great side, they need to relinquish their disposition and all the nature to meet up for work. Numerous individuals when they go to another work environment with new individuals don’t open up rapidly, and some they get blended with the gathering.

This sort of nature and frame of mind can influence the team dynamics and once the dynamics are influenced then it is difficult to expedite the dynamics an appropriate course. The team part ought to see each other they ought to have that understanding nature in them to deal with other team part and circumstance with consideration. This can make the establishment of the team more grounded and once the establishment is more grounded than the emphasis on the objectives can be effectively picked up (Eudy, 2018).

Another primary concern is the team is legitimate correspondence. The correspondence ought to be done in an unmistakable manner and no uncertainty ought to be kept inside. This can break the team in parts and for such the team should clear every one of the questions with one another. The team individuals should know their duty and attempt to work as indicated by it. One should know the measure of work and attempt to disseminate it and clear a path through it. This can bring the team part nearer to one another and help each other to accomplish the objectives with the goal that the eventual fate of the team would stay free from any danger (, 2019).



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