Introduction to Sociology Assisgment

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Unit VI Project

Portfolio Project 4:

The fourth portfolio entry
requires the construction of a document that reflects the information you have
learned in Unit VI. This portfolio assignment requires you to develop tables
dealing with various concepts, comparing and contrasting economic systems and
developing your own definition of various concepts in Unit VI. This portfolio
entry should be in one word document with proper headings for each section.

1. Create a three-column table
regarding the Industrial Revolution and how it changed the economy:

a. In the first column, provide what was changed.

b. In the second column, provide a brief explanation
on how it changed the economy.

c. In
the third column, provide an example from 1900 and an example from today.

Research and record three definitions of revolution and terrorism,
and then develop your own definition of each. Describe what each means to you,
and provide examples.

Compare and contrast the various economic systems across the globe. Generate at
least three examples of each, and discuss their similarities and differences.

4. Develop another three-column
table, this time dealing with the different types of political systems and the
analysis of power.

a. In the first column, list the different types of
political systems.

b. In the second column, list the associating
source(s) of power for the system (Pluralist, Power-Elite, or Marxist).

c. In
the third column, provide example(s) of each political system; these should not
come from the textbook

Notes: Required cover letter
and a minimum of 3 references on reference page.

Text Book: Society; The Basics, Eleventh Edition/ By John J.
Macionis/ Copyright 2011, 2009, 2007 by Pearson Education Inc/ Published by
Prentice Hall Upper Saddle River, NJ 07458