Intro to data mining

  1. This week we focus on the concept of false discovery in data. After reviewing the article by Naouma (2019), answer the following questions:
    1. What is a false discovery rate?
    2. Can a false discovery rate be completely avoided? Explain.
    3. What was the outcome of the results of the use case?
  2. This week, answer the following questions in an essay format:

  1. How does data and classifying data impact data mining?
  2. What is association in data mining?
  3. Select a specific association rule (from the text) and thoroughly explain the key concepts.
  4. Discuss cluster analysis concepts.
  5. Explain what an anomaly is and how to avoid it.
  6. Discuss methods to avoid false discoveries.

This assignment should take into consideration all the course concepts in the book. Be very thorough in your response. The paper should be at least three pages in length and contain at least two-peer reviewed sources.

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PS: a,b,c should be regular answers with references and 1-6 should be answered in essay form